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本文摘要:今天,学习哥和大家分享300句中考英语写作话题句型,你纷歧定要一字不落的背下来,但基本句子结构,短语和单词要掌握住,对提高英语写作水平很有资助哦!一、小我私家情况1. 究竟,这个孩子太小,还不能上学。After all, the kid is too young to go to school.2. 我来自中国。I come from China.3. 我的梦想会实现的。 My dream will come true.4. 她已往靠卖书为生。


今天,学习哥和大家分享300句中考英语写作话题句型,你纷歧定要一字不落的背下来,但基本句子结构,短语和单词要掌握住,对提高英语写作水平很有资助哦!一、小我私家情况1. 究竟,这个孩子太小,还不能上学。After all, the kid is too young to go to school.2. 我来自中国。I come from China.3. 我的梦想会实现的。

My dream will come true.4. 她已往靠卖书为生。She used to earn her living on selling books.5. 我家离学校不远。My home isn’t far from the school.6. 我喜欢去钓鱼。I enjoy going fishing.7. 我长大后想成为一名老师。

I would like to be a teacher when I grow up.8. 我天天都过得很愉快。I have a good time every day.9. 我乐于宁静地生活。

I enjoy living in peace.10. 我喜欢浏览英语报纸。I like looking through English newspapers.11. 我乐于和别人交朋侪。I enjoy making friends with others.12. 我一点都不喜欢吸烟。

I don’t like smoking at all.13. 从今以后,我不光要越发努力学习还要努力取得更好的结果。From now on, I not only study harder but also try my best to get better grades.14. 我偶然喜欢去购物。I like to go shopping now and then.15. 我们一做完饭就应该把火灭掉。We should put out the fire as soon as we finish cooking.16. 我不喜欢炫耀自己。

I don’t like to show off myself.17. 我以前在电脑游戏上花费了许多时间以至于我在学习上失去了兴趣。I used to spend so much time on computer games that I lost interest in study.二、家庭、朋侪和周围的人18. 我已往经常造访我的朋侪。I used to call on my friends.19. 明天我一到美国就给你打电话。

I will call you up as soon as I arrive in America tomorrow.20. 我很兴奋照顾我喜欢的人。I am glad to care for the people who I care for.21. 在我回家的路上,我遇见了我的老朋侪。

I came across my old friend on my way home.22. 天天直到我回来,我怙恃才睡觉。My parents don’t go to bed until I come back every day.23. 我恭喜你取得很大进步。I congratulate you on your great progress.24. 我们应该相互学习。We should learn from each other.25. 听说你现在过得很愉快,我很兴奋。

I am glad to hear that you enjoy yourself now.26. 我畏惧与他相处欠好。I am afraid to get on badly with him.27. 我和我的朋侪们玩得很兴奋。I have fun with my friends.28. 我很兴奋收到你的来信。

I am glad to hear from you.29. 我经常瞥见他急忙忙忙的去上学。I often see him go to school in a hurry.30. 我很兴奋我们相互有配合之处。

I am glad that we have something in common with eachother.31. 我很兴奋你能信守信誉。I am glad that you can keep your word.32. 我适才撞上了我的老朋侪。I knocked into my old friend just now.33. 我的怙恃总是叫我别讽刺别人。

Myparents always tell me not to laugh atothers.34. 她总是一见到我就做鬼脸。She always makes a face as soon as she seesme.35. 他既不喜欢游泳也不喜欢跑步。

He likes neither swimming nor running.36. 我已往常挨着他坐。I used to sit next to him.37. 他学习不如我努力。He doesn’t study so/ashard as I.38. 固然,我们应该与别人和气相处。

Of course, we should get on well with others.39. 我奶奶以前反重复复给我讲过这个故事。My grandmother used to tell me the story over and over again.三、情况问题40. 就我所知,北京因它悠久的历史和富厚的文化而闻名于世。As far as I know, Beijing is famous for its long history and rich culture.41. 我们应该阻止人们砍伐树木。We should stop people from cutting down trees.42. 我们应该努力阻止动物灭绝。

We should do our best to stop animals from dying out.43. 天天做扫除很须要。It’s necessary to do some cleaning every day.44. 这儿有许多可做的,例如,你可以资助扫除洁净都会公园。There is much to do here, for example,you can help clean up the city parks.45. 总之,掩护情况对我们来说很重要。

In a word, it’s very important for us to protect the environment.46. 为什么不尽早拯救在危险中的动物呢?Why not save the animal in danger asearly as possible?47. 我认为接纳废纸取代扔掉它更好。I think it’s better to recycle waste paper instead of throwing it away.48. 我认为我们的都会缺少水。

I think that our city is in need ofwater.49. 我想要大家都加入到情况项目中来。I would like everyone to join in the environment project.50. 勿踩草坪对情况来说是有利益的。It’s good for the environment to keep off the grass.51. 我们应该不停关注我们的情况。

We should keep on taking care of ourenvironment.四、日常生活52. 我父亲天天都给我一点钱。My father gives me a bit of money every day.53. 我妈妈昨天给我买了几本书。My mother bought a few books for me yesterday.54. 请你递给我一点儿水好吗?Could you please pass me a little water?55. 他上周借给我许多书。He lent a number of books to me last week.56. 他去年送了我一双鞋。

She sent me a pair of shoes last year.57. 今天上午我们老师告诉过我们一则好消息。Our teacher told usa piece of good news this morning.58. 我奶奶反重复复给我讲过这个故事。My grandma tells the story to me again and again.59. 在海里有种种各样的鱼。

There are all kinds of fishes in the sea.60. 天晴后,请你扫除一下你的院子好吗?Will you please clear up your yard after the sky is clearing up?61. 老师一进来我们就停止说话了.We stopped talking as soon as the teacher came in.62. 赶忙!,咱们去购物。Come on! Let’s go shopping.63. 为什么不切断煤气呢?Why not cut off the gas?64. 在日常生活中,我们不得不处置惩罚种种问题。We have to deal with all kinds of problems in our daily life.65. 你要么呆在家里要么去上学。You either stay at home or go to school.66. 如果你想出去,咱们去散步吧!Let’s go for a walk if you feel like going out.67. 我们老师请我们填表。

Our teacher asked us to fill in the form.68. 他有时带给我一些书。He brings me some books from time to time.69. 我想要和同学们和气相处。

I would like to get along well with my classmates.70. 赶忙,否则我们会上学迟到。Hurry up, or we will be late for school.71. 为了他能拍一些好照片,我借给他相机。

I lend him a camera in order that he can take some good photos.72. 我们最好别在公共场所高声谈天。We had better stop talking loudly in public.73. 我适才听见她唱歌了。

I heard her sing just now.74. 如果这场雨一直下着,会对我们生活倒霉。If this rain keeps up, it will be bad for our life.75. 她太小而不能照顾她自己。She is too young to look after herself.76. 我不再介意告诉我坏消息。

I no longer mind telling me bad news.77. 从那以后,我不再给他看我的照片了。From then on, I didn’t show my pictures to him any more.五、学校生活78. 我为我们的学校自豪。

I am proud of our school.79. 我们的老师总是对我们很严格。Our teachers are always strict with us.80. 天天乘公交车上学花费我一个小时。

It takes me an hour to go to school by bus every day.81. 我们的老师使我们继续学习。Our teachers make us carry on with study.82. 开展这次测试要花费我们一个小时。

It will take us an hour to carry out this test.83. 为什么不提出一些遇上别人的好建议呢?Why not come up with some good advice to come up with others?84. 纵然天气很差,我们也必须努力准时到学校。We have to try our best to get to school on time even though the weather is terrible.85. 我们的老师经常告诉我们永远爱我们的祖国。Our teacher often tells us to love our country for ever.86. 从早到晚我们都忙于学习。

We are busy studying from morning to evening.87. 请你把这些试卷分发给学生好吗?Could you please give out these papers tothe students?88. 在你交试卷前,你最好检查一下。You had better go over the paper before you hand in the paper.89. 翻阅你们的作业花了我许多时间。

It took me a lot of time to go through your homework.90. 我惊讶地问他为什么讨厌学习。I asked him in surprise why he hated studying.91. 最终,他和我都实时到了学校。In the end, both he and I arrived at school in time.92. 我们班由 40 个学生组成。

Our class is made up of 40 students.93. 天天走着上学花我 20 分钟。It takes me twenty minutes to go to school on foot everyday.六、小我私家兴趣94. 我喜欢课后打篮球。I like playing basketball after class.95. 他乐于周游全世界。

He enjoys traveling all over the world.96. 除了溜冰外,她还讨厌游泳。She hates swimming as well as skating.97. 我哥哥也喜欢跑步。My brother likes running as well.98. 我姐姐和我一样擅长唱歌。My sister is as good at singing as I.99. 我既喜欢打网球又喜欢踢足球。

I enjoy playing both tennis and football.100. 你愿意在晚上还是在白昼事情?Would you like to work by night or by day?101. 我喜欢用水装满这个瓶子。I like filling the bottle with water.七、体育与康健109. 首先,我们应该天天坚持做磨炼。

Above all, we should keep doing sports every day.110. 运动是很有趣的以至于几百万人喜欢它。The sport is so interesting that millions of people like it.111. 请你一个一个地递球给我好吗?Could you please pass me the balls one after another?八、饮食与康健102. 我们的康健与我们的饮食习惯相关联。Our health connects with our eating habits.103.好的康健取决于好的食物、磨炼和足够的睡眠。

Good health depends on good food, exercise and enough sleep.104.他很累以至于在课上睡着了。He was so tired that he fell asleep in class.105.他一到那儿就病倒了。He fell ill as soon as he got there.106.换句话说,康健就是一切。

In other words, health is everything.107.吸烟对康健一点儿利益都没有。Smoking isn’t good for health at all.108.他吃了许多垃圾食品以至于长胖了。He ate so much junk food that he put on weight.九、节沐日运动152.我一到学校就忙于学习。

I am busy studying as soon as I arrive at the school.153. 直到你挂号了才可以住旅馆。Don’t stay in the hotel until you check in.154. 直到你结账了才气脱离。You will not leave until you check out.155. 春节期间全家人都乐于聚在一起。The family enjoy getting together during the Spring Festival.156. 为了阻止人们陷入危险,我们最好排队上车。

In order to stop people from being indanger, we had better get on the bus in order.十、语言学习112. 我天天花许多时间学习数学。I spend a lot of time in studying math every day.113. 他坚持努力学习,效果他取得了很大进步。

He keeps studying hard. As a result, he has made great progress.114. 我瞥见他讲英语好像他是一个美国人。I see him speak English as if he is an American.115. 只要你坚持努力学习,你会取得很大进步的。As long as you keep studying English hard,you will make great progress.116.我会像往常一样继续努力学习的。I will go on studying hard as usual.117. 只要你继续努力学习,你会遇上别人的。

As long as you keep on studying hard, you will catch up with others.118. 我们老师叫我们把这些句子翻译成英语。Our teacher told us to change these sentences into English.119. 我们仅有很少的时间了,以至于我们不得不日夜学习。

We have only so little time that we have to study day and night.120. 纵然我们很累,我们也必须坚持努力学习。We have to keep studying hard even if we are tired.121. 自从我来这所学校以来,我就坚持努力学习。

I have kept studying ever since I came to this school.122. 你们最好面临面地训练讲英语。You had better practice speaking English face to face.123. 首先,我们应该尽我们最大的努力去记着尽可能多的单词。First of all, we should do our best to remember words as many as possible.124. 从今以后我会在英语上花大量时间的。

I will spend a lot of time on English from now on.125. 从那以后我不再畏惧黑暗了。I was not afraid of the dark any more from then on.126. 你最好把它取下来。You had better get it down.127. 我们从周一到周五上课。We have classes from Monday to Friday.128.我的老师经常花大量时间帮我英语。

My teacher often spends a lot of time helping me with my English.129. 实际上,我告诉过他怎样给别人发电子邮件。In fact, I told him how to send emails to others.130.为了使我的梦想实现,我不得不坚持努力学习。In order to make my dream come true, I have to keep studying hard.131. 我期待取得好结果。

I look forward to getting good grades.132. 我经常花许多时间在词典查单词。I often spend lots of time in looking up words in the dictionary.133. 是该下定刻意努力学习的时候了。It’s time to make up our mind to study hard.134. 多或少就一个小时的训练。

It’s an hour’s practice, more or less.135. 今晚直到我完成作业才上床睡觉。I will not go to bed until I finish doing my homework tonight.136. 你为什么不定时交作业?Why don’t you hand in your homework on time?137. 我已往经常通过收音机学习英语。I used to study English on the radio.138. 请你再说一遍好吗?Would you please say it once again?139. 再听一遍怎么样?How about listening once more?140. 我们应该为考试做好准备。

We ought to get ready for the test.141.我们老师叫我们上课要注意黑板。Our teacher told us to pay attention to the blackboard in class.142. 我很兴奋你能指出我的错误。I am glad that you can point out my mistake.143. 老师叫我们记下重要的工具。The teacher told us to put down something important.144. 到现在为止,我已坚持学习英语10 年了。

I have kept studying English for ten years so far.145. 只要我们坚持讲英语,我们会讲好英语的。So long as we keep speaking English, we will speak English well.146. 这数学题很难,险些没有学生能做出来。The math problem was so hard that few students could work it out.147.你学习越努力,你就会学得越好。

The harder you study, the better you will learn.148.前几天,我忙于准备考试了。The other day, I was busy getting ready for the test.149.为什么不思量请老师资助呢?Why not think about asking the teacher for help?150.我通常一醒来就开始学习。

I usually start to study as soon as I wake up.151.老师请我们翻过来浏览下一页。The teacher asked us to turn over and look through the next page.十一、其它157.我认为鲸不是一种鱼。I don’t think that a whale is a kind of fish.158.依据事实,我认为你是差池的。

According to the fact, I don’t think that you are right.168. 昨晚发生了一场火灾。A fire broke out last night.169. 到现在为止他已经造就了几百个孩子了。She has brought up hundreds of children so far.170. 他建立了一个足球队。

He has built up a football team.171. 我偶然听见她唱歌了。I heard her sing by accident.172. 顺便说一下,我介意吸烟。By the way, I mind smoking.173. 我想召集所有学生开个会。

I would like to call in all the students to have a meeting.174. 我瞥见一些树叶落下来了。I saw some leaves come down.175. 我的新书已出书了。My new book has come out.176. 前天,直到我做完了我的事情才回家的。

I didn’t go home untilI finished doing my work the day before yesterday.177. 我以前思量要当一名工程师。I used to think of becoming an engineer.178. 建这座桥花了几千人几年时间。

It took thousands of people a few years to build the bridge.179. 扔掉这些箱子是很浪费的。It’s wasteful to throw away these boxes.180. 天太黑,什么也看不见。It’s too dark to see anything.181. 我试穿一下这件外套你介意吗?Would you mind my trying on this coat?182. 实验这个主意怎么样?How about trying out this idea?183. 请你把收音机调低一点好吗?Will you please turn down the radio?184. 没关系!That’s all right.185. 我一到伦敦就给你打电话。

I will call you up as soon as I arrive in London.186. 你的帐单共计 40 美元。Your bill comes to forty dollars.187. 太阳还没有升起来。The sun hasn’t come up yet.188. 我总是把睡觉与死亡比力。

I always compare sleep to death.189. 我妈妈喜欢把我跟别人比力。My mother likes comparing me with others.190. 我的梦想不再遥远了。My dream isn’t far away any more.191. 请你帮我查一下下趟列车何时出发好吗?Would you please help me find out when the next train starts?192. 你有两个选择:一是回去,另一个是逃走。You have two choices: one is to get back; the other is to get away.193. 靠近老虎是很危险的。

It’s very dangerous to get close to the tiger.194. 他们一到田野就开始收割水稻。They began to get in rice as soon as they got in the field.195. 下车后你最好别脱外套。You had better not get off your coat after you get off the bus.196. 咱们尽快上车吧。Let’s get on the bus as soon as possible.197. 我通过电话告诉你我通过了测试。

I got through the phone to tell you that I got through the test.198. 我天天努力定时起床。I do my best to get up on time every day.199. 我已往常把一些旧书捐给了希望学校。I used to give away some old books to the hope school.200. 我会尽快把书还给图书馆。

I will give back the book to the library as soon as possible.201. 请稍等一下!Please hang on a minute!202. 别挂断电话!我想告诉你重要的事情。Don’t hang up! I would like to tell you something important.203. 他经常得伤风。

He often has a cold.204. 我以前听说过他。I used to hear of him.205. 请随便吃些鱼。Please help yourself to some fish.206. 他经常帮我解决难题。He often helps me out.207. 她请我稍等。

She asks me to hold on.208. 我很畏惧以至于我屏住呼吸。I was so afraid that I held my breath.209. 建鸟巢花了几百人三年时间。It took hundreds of people three years to build the birdnest.218. 集会在继续。

The meeting is going on.219. 你出去时,请把灯灭了。Please make the light go out when you go out.220. 你必须定时上交训练册,而且实时分发下去。You must hand in the exercise books on time and hand them out in time.221. 你最好别站在我前面。

You had better not stand in front of me.222. 适才我听见有人敲门。I heard someone knock at the door just now.223. 条条大路通罗马。

All roads lead to Rome.224. 打开窗户让新鲜空气进来。Open the window to let fresh air in.225. 他把水放了。

He let out the water.226. 我们已往以蔬菜和米饭为主食。We used to live on vegetables and rice.227. 我们有须要展望未来。It’s necessary for us to look ahead.228. 他看不起别人。He looks down upon others .229. 我们忙于观察此事。

We are busy looking into the matter.230. 我适才瞥见他在找工具。I saw him looking for something just now.231. 穿过森林时当心蛇。


Look out for the snake when you get hrough the forest.232. 我讨厌女人在公共场所化妆。I hate seeing women make up in public.233. 该我值日了。

It’s time for me to be on duty.234. 他的照片在全世界展览。His photos are on show all over the world.235. 从前,人们以打鱼为生。Once upon a time, people live on fishing.236. 他很激动,上气不接下气地告诉我这个好消息。

He was so excited that he told me the good news out of breath.237. 他太懒,效果他失业了。She is so lazy that she is out of work.238. 我看到他经由了。I saw him pass by.239. 我会尽快还你钱的。

I will pay back your money as soon as possible.249. 我喜欢上学而不愿呆在家里。I like going to school rather than stay at home.250. 每人提到昨天的事。No one referred to yesterday’s thing.251. 太阳既发光又发烧。

The sun sends out both light and heat.252. 美国已往发射过许多宇宙飞船。America used to send up many spaceships.253. 是该分出优劣的时候了。It’s time to separate the good from the bad.254. 该释放他们的时间了。

It’s time to set them free.255. 直到我瞥见他们启程才回来。I didn’t come back until I saw them set off.256. 我们计划早上出发。

We are going to set out in the morning.257. 他们肩并肩地走进了课堂。They went into the classroom side by side.258. 我会随身带些钱以便买些吃的。

I will bring some money with me so as to buy something to eat.259. 就我所知,他不光是老师还是作家。So far as I know, he is not only a teacher but also a writer.268. 我想要为你送行。I would like to see you off.269. 你必须尽快卖光所有的票。

You have to sell out all the tickets as soon as possible.270. 你为什么不连忙派人请医生呢?Why don’t you send for a doctor right now?271. 我的车有点毛病,所以我不能加速。There is something wrong with my car, so I can’t speed up.272. US 代表美国。US stands for the United States.273. 别说话了,该上课了。

Stop talking. It’s time for class.274. 咱们停下来休息一下。Let’s stop to have a rest.275. 北京有许多胜景奇迹,好比长城、颐和园等等。There are a lot of places of interest in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and so on.276. 请你把它拿走好吗?Would you please take it away?277. 别紧张,我会帮你学英语的。

Take it easy! I will help you with English.278. 屋里很冷,你最好别脱下外套。It’s verycold in the room, you had better not take off your coat.279. 我们可以从容地为考试做准备。We can take our time to get ready for the test.280. 他取出了一些照片。

He took out some photos.281. 昨天发生了一起交通事故。A traffic accident took place yesterday.282. 我取代了他。

I took the place of him.283. 天天玩电脑游戏占用许多时间。Playing computer games takes up a lot of time every day.284. 我经常一出去就关灯。I often turn off the light as soon as I go out.285. 适才,我阻止了他开灯。I stopped him from turning on lights just now.286. 他把电视开得很高声。

He turned up TV very loudly.287. 我瞥见她在课堂里走来走去。I saw her walk up and down in the classroom.288. 我以前怕黑。

I used to be afraid of the dark.289. 我习惯晚饭后去散步。I am used to going for a walk after supper.290. 我很歉仄让你等了这么长时间。

I am sorry to keep you waiting for me so long time.291. 这道数学题太难,我做不出来。This math problem is too difficult for me to work out.292. 我一点都不担忧我的英语。

I don’t worry about my English at all.293. 你最好记下地址。You had better write down the address.294. 如果可以的话,我会经常给你写信。I will write to you as often as possible.295. 总之,忘记不兴奋的事,继续努力学习。

In a word, forget the unhappy thing and keep on working hard at your lessons.296. 我相信如果你努力,一定会乐成的。I'm sure you can be successful if you try your best.297. 你读的书越多,你获得的知识就越多。

The more books you read, the more knowledge you will get.298. 很兴奋收到你的来信。Nice to hear from you.299. 只要你用心,没有什么是不行能的。

Nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.300. 我期待你的好消息。I’m looking forward to your good news.声明 本文由初中生学习(ID:czsxuexige)整理,转载请注明出处!版权归相关权利人所有, 文章内容如涉及侵权请联系删除。